lady having a Swedish Massage

What is Swedish Massage?

What is Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage is the most common form of massage performed today.  Its main aim is to relax the entire body and improve circulation and blood flow to all your large muscle groups as well as helping to ease your every-day tensions. 

If you’ve never had a massage before it is a great one to start with.   

A more intense massage can also help to relieve pain, fatigue, depression and anxiety.

Exploring the Relaxing Benefits of Swedish Massage: What You Need to Know

How is it performed?

The massage is usually carried out by adding pressure through kneading, tapping, bending and stretching.  This is either done in circular movements with the palm or heel of the hands or by long gliding hand strokes. 

You will lie on a flat massage table and your massage therapist will normally ask you to lay on your front to start with.  He/she will begin working on your back, then move to your shoulders and arms before continuing along your lower back and legs. 

You will then be asked to turn over and the process will be repeated on your upper shoulders, arms and the fronts of your legs. 

During the massage your therapist may play relaxing music, light candles and dim the lighting so that are able to feel as relaxed as possible and enjoy the session.

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