Aerial yoga tips

Aerial yoga tips

Aerial yoga safety tips

Aerial yoga tips

Aerial yoga can help your mental wellbeing as there are fun elements to aerial yoga where you may find yourself reconnecting with your inner child.

Aerial yoga is a type of yoga that was created in southern India, which used the concept of a Thottil which is essentially a cloth hammock that is used for babies as it has the safe and comfortable sensation of being in the womb.

7 Aerial Yoga Safety Tips

Move slowly in between movements.

  1. Get into the posture under the plumb line;

  2. Ensure that you are listening and watching;

  3. Do not try to swing a different way!

  4. Do not work at your full capacity; (Drop back to between 60-70%)

  5. Drink a lot of water;

  6. Come out of the swing slowly, especially if upside down;

  7. Rest in the mountain pose or forward fold.

To learn more about Aerial Yoga, read the FAQ’s.

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