Guidance Card Readings

Seventh Sense Healing offers guidance card readings.  Often we can feel blocked, powerless, confused and not sure which way to turn or what route to take.  Maybe we want to change jobs, careers, move house or leave a relationship and are not sure if it is the right thing to do or the right time.  Sometimes, we can have old patterns of behaviour, stories, thoughts and problems that keep repeating.  Maybe we are not learning from experiences and can’t see these patterns.  Sometimes we can block ourselves from living to our full potential or living a successful and fulfilling life.

Guidance card readings can:

  • help us to realise what is holding us back, help us realise what blocks we have – internal or external and provide guidance, messages, suggestions for the way forward. 
  • help us resolve blocks in our life relating to money, relationships, work and health. 
  • show us the truth and meaning behind certain situations.
  • show us our potential and help us use our gifts rather than hide them.

We have all come to this planet to learn and heal, to have a human experience, sometimes life can through us challenges that we need guidance on or reassurance with.  Guidance cards readings can really help you choose a clear path and help you with your next steps.

Seventh Sense Healing uses a range of cards from angel cards, fairy cards, crystal angel cards, astro tarot cards and enlightenment cards.

Sometimes life can throw us challenges.

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