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Children’s Yoga Classes Exeter by SeventhSenseHealing runs a wide range of yoga classes for children and teens. Yoga for Children teach children from ages 2 – 16 years at family yoga classes, teens yoga classes, 1-2-1 classes, classes for children with special educational needs, private class bookings for groups and at festivals and private events. Yoga for Children’s classes are tailored for the age group and individual needs of the children attending.

Yoga for Children’s yoga classes are fun, non-competitive, aid concentration, improve coordination and balance, are also a great way to a child’s build confidence and, of course, help children to keep fit and healthy.


01. Family Yoga Classes
02. Yoga for Teens
03. Yoga for Special Educational Needs
04. Yoga for Home Education Groups
05. Yoga in Schools
06. Private classes
07. 1-2-1 classes
08. Sports Yoga
09. Family Yoga DVD’s
10. Relaxation CD’s
11. Festivals & Private Events

For questions and answers on yoga for children simply go here: Yoga for Children Q&A’s

1. Family Yoga Classes

Yoga for Children has set up unique classes where mums, dads, grandparents and children can practice yoga together. Often parents find it hard to have spare time away from work and family life to practice yoga and many families would like to practice yoga with their children. Yoga for Children’s mixed family classes allows families to practice yoga together. Parents have found have found that practising yoga with their children also helps them bond and developing a yoga practice as a family has very positive outcomes for the family on and off the mat.

2. Yoga For Teens

The teenage years can be quite challenging. There are so many changes taking place in a teenager’s life; new schools, changes in their bodies, new friends and peer groups. There is also a lot of pressure on teenagers to make career choices earlier on, some children now start their GCSE’s in year 9, there is a lot of pressure on children to perform well in exams and there can be pressure from peers to look or behave in a certain way.

Yoga is a great way for teenagers to take some time out from the daily pressures of life, unwind and de-stress and it is also a great way to get physically fit, keep active and healthy. Yoga can also help with concentration which is particularly useful at a stage where there is so much study happening.

Yoga is a great practice for sporty and non-sporty teenagers alike to enjoy. Teenagers who are not very sporty can gain confidence in their abilities through yoga as it is such a progressive and non-competitive practice.

3. Yoga for Special Education Needs

Yoga can be very beneficial for children and teens with special education needs. Yoga for children teach private yoga classes and 1-2-1 classes for children and teens with a wide range of special educational needs.

Yoga can be used as a complementary therapy as it can help reduce anxiety, it can help calm an over-stimulated mind and can teach children coping techniques for anxiety and stressful situations using yoga breathing and calming yoga sequences. Yoga can also help children to regulate their emotions. Yoga can also help children develop their motor skills, improve confidence and social skills.

4. Yoga for Home Education Groups

Yoga for children now runs family yoga classes for Home Educated Children. Each class has a theme so that we incorporate learning as part of the yoga classes. Themes that have been taught include the seasons, the elements and chakras.

5. Yoga in Schools

Yoga for Children provides classes to children and teenagers in schools. The type and length of classes can be tailored to suits the School’s needs. Yoga is a great activity for schools. It can be taught to children of any age or ability.

Yoga for Children can provide regular classes, courses and one-off classes for example prior to exams or during exam and study periods. Classes can be single-sex or mixed, again to suit the school’s needs.

Yoga for Children can also provide tailored yoga sessions to be used for specific aims such as to break down barriers, encourage teamwork and partner work or to bring different groups of children together. Classes can also be tailored to fit in with national curriculum themes.

6. Private classes

Private classes can take place at a venue to suit you or at the Look Within Yoga studio. In a private class, we will tailor the yoga class to suit your needs.
You might be a School, nursery or pre-school or club looking for a regular or one-off yoga class.

7. 1-2-1 classes

One to one yoga classes can take place in the comfort of your home or at the Look Within Yoga studio. In a one to one yoga class, we will tailor the yoga class to suit your child’s needs.

There are many reasons why you would want to book a one to one yoga class:

  • Your child might have an injury or be recovering from illness so you may need a specific yoga class to suit their needs
  • Your child may have special educational needs so you may wish your child to have a 1-2-1 class to adapt the class to suit their needs
  • If your child is nervous and has never been to a yoga class before they may like to book some private lessons to gain confidence and learn some yoga
  • You can’t find a class time that suits your schedule

8. Sports Yoga

We have designed a series of specialist yoga classes for people who engage in a wide range of sports. Yoga is a great cross-training practice for people who participate in sports. A regular yoga practice will lengthen muscles that have become tight, keep shoulders, hips, knees and ankle joints moving and enable you to enjoy your sports practice by reducing aches and pains. Yoga will keep you flexible, strengthen your core, keep you mobile and supple.

9. Family Yoga DVD’s

Yoga for Children has set up unique family yoga classes where mums and dads and children and teenagers and grandparents can practice yoga together as families often find it hard to have spare time away from work and family life to practice yoga. Families have also found that practising yoga with their children also helps them bond and developing a yoga practice as a family has very positive outcomes for the family on and off the mat.

Yoga for Children’s family yoga DVD has been specially created to enable parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles and children and teenagers to practice yoga together. The DVD contains a 20-minute yoga practice for all the family to enjoy. The DVD also contains a ten-minute relaxation practice.

10. Relaxation CD’s

Our lives are getting busier and busier. There is so much going on in our lives that we never really have time out, time for ourselves or time to relax. This is not much different for our children and teens.

Children and teenager’s schedules are also busy – school work, homework, after-club clubs. clubs and activities. We know that when we are overloaded we get tired, stressed and feel overwhelmed. The same applies to our children and teenagers.

Many children suffer from stress and anxiety and are over-tired just like their parents. Children find it harder to cope with stress and anxiety and to handle or understand their emotions.

Children and teenagers often find it hard to get to sleep at night and find it hard to unwind and relax.

Yoga for children has created a relaxation CD for children and teens. The CD contains three guided relaxations. Annelie Caver of Yoga for Children gently talks through three different relaxations each of ten minutes. The relaxation CDs can be used before bedtime or at any other time when some time out is needed. We have received feedback from parents that children using the CDs have found it easier to sleep at night and their anxiety levels have reduced over time after using the CDs 2-3 times per week.

The first relaxation is a gentle guided relaxation designed to help the children relax their whole body and mind.

The second relaxation takes the children on a journey through the colours of the rainbow.

The third relaxation contains a series of positive statements that the children can repeat in their own minds. This relaxation is designed to encourage self-confidence and feelings of self-worth.

11. Festivals and Private Events

If you are looking for yoga for children or family yoga for a festival, fete or other private events, please contact us for more details. We have run family yoga sessions at the Exeter Respect Festival, Big Fish Little Fish at Exeter Phoenix, Munchkins Day Nursery summer fete and Exeter University’s annual family day. Family Yoga is really popular at these types of events.

Upcoming Yoga Classes for Children Exeter

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