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There are so many mixed messages about food, nutrition and health.  There are so many different ‘diets’ and food trends.  It is easy to become confused about what is the right thing to eat and whether something is ‘good for you’ or not.

Seventh Sense Healing has studied the effects that different foods have on the body and health for many years and recently Annelie has started to study Nutritional Healing with the Nutritional Healing Foundation.

If you want to learn more about health and nutrition, have food allergies and intolerances or are generally feeling tired and run down and want some advice on food and nutrition then we can provide you with help, guidance and a nutrition plan to suit your needs.

Rather than guessing what foods or supplements might be right for you we will work with you and your individual needs to develop a healthy eating plan.  This will help you with your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

We will start with a simple food diary to understand your eating habits. We will then explore the principles of healthy eating, consider your nutritional needs and create a healthy eating plan with supplements if necessary. 

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