Yin Yoga Benefits

The benefits of yin yoga

What is yin yoga?

Yin yoga is not a modern style of yoga, it is a style of yoga in which the poses are held for longer periods of time. 

This style of yoga has been around since the beginning, in the 1980’s a man named Paul Grilley saw a presentation on the television which showed the range of flexibility and motion an individual had in one of their classes. 

Once attending one of these classes Paul then started practicing this style of yoga, holding positions for five to ten minutes. 

He found that he saw quick improvement in the range of motions of his students that were practicing yin yoga. 

Benefits of yin yoga

    • It helps to calm and balance your mind and body.
    • You will avoid degeneration within your bones.
    • It will reduce fixation in your joints.
    • It will help your mental wellbeing as it reduces stress and anxiety.
    • It will improve your overall flexibility.

There are many physical benefits that yin yoga can have on your body including:

    • Improving your digestion
    • Lessens inflammation throughout your body
    • It balances your internal organs meaning the flow of chi or prana is improved
    • It can cause fascia to be released and improve your joint mobility.

Yin yoga can also help to heal any trauma responses that you may have. 

  • It will help your sleeping pattern.
  • It will release any tension you may have which will help you become relaxed and mindful. 

There are so many benefits to yin yoga – start your practise today with Seventh Sense healing in Exeter.

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