Aura Transformation

Aura Transformation is a life-changing one-off energy treatment that will bring about a powerful transformation in your life.

With AuraTransformation you will:
  • Have stronger boundaries
  • Be able to speak your mind
  • Let go of the past
  • Break unhelpful behaviour patterns
  • Cut old relationship cords
  • Release heavy burdens of the past
  • Have a deeper connection with your children
  • Have stronger intuition
  • Be able to protect your energy
  • Discover and work towards your life purpose
  • Increase your drive, motivation and determination to move forward in life
  • Be able to work towards your goals with more focus and clarity
  • Have increased free will

With AuraTransformation™ your view of the world will start to change, you will become more open-minded and will be able to see things for what they truly are rather than looking at life through a lens or looking at life based on old outmoded ideals.  You will also be able to follow your intuition and be able to make decisions that are right for you. You will develop a strong sense of purpose and will know what is good for your body and mind on all levels including food, work, friendships, commitments and so on. You will also find it hard not to be authentic and do what is truly right for you. Your ability to say “No” to the things that are not right for you will increase. You will set stronger boundaries.

AuraTransformation™ can bring about many beneficial changes on all levels.  For the first 12-15 months after Aura Transformation, you will go through a deep healing period where all your old stories, patterns and wounds present themselves to you so that you can start to release and let them go and move forward free from the older things that weighed you down. This is called the crystallisation process where all your cells are upgraded to the new crystal energy releasing all your old stories and patterns in the process. Once the old burdens and weights have lifted you will feel lighter and brighter attracting the good things in life.

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During Aura Transformation your old Soul Aura is dissolved and this allows for your spiritual energy and new powerful Indigo and Crystal energy to enter the body. This is a unique process that only occurs during AuraTranformation™ and is permanent.

An Aura Transformation is not a quick fix for all of life’s problems. Rather, it opens a door to the process of reclaiming your own power. AuraTransformation™ is not a substitute for qualified health care for the physical body and/or the mind and is not intended to cure diseases.

Aura Transformation is intended for people who are relatively stable in their physical and mental health. Furthermore, it is especially important not to get an Aura Transformation™ when emergency professional help is needed.

Aura Transformation is not something you merely try out, just to see what it’s all about. An AuraTransformation is permanent.

After an AuraTransformation, you will begin to experience major shifts in your life. Great changes can take place if you are prepared to put in the work to fully evolve yourself to your greater purpose in life.

An AuraTransformation™ can only be carried out by performed by a highly qualified Aura Mediator™. The Aura Mediator™ works with pure balanced crystal energy during the AuraTransformationTM.

Annelie Carver of Seventh Sense Healing had AuraTranformation™ in December 2017 and trained as an Aura Mediator™ in April 2019. Annelie is now available to take bookings for AuraTransformation™ and AuraTransformation™ Balances in Exeter and Devon.

Prior to AuraTransformation you need to read the book: Balance on All Levels by Anni Sennov. To purchase please click the link below:

You cannot have AuraTransformation if you are taking anti-depressants and/or are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.  A further pre-requisite for AuraTransformation is that you are able to cope with change in your life.

Once you have had AuraTransformation™ you will need to have occasional Balances. This is to help integrate your new spirit and crystal energy and help balance the elements in the body. You will also be taught tools to enable you to carry out balances at home as well as techniques to help you keep your energy in balance.