Arial Yoga

The benefits of Aerial yoga

What is Aerial yoga?

Aerial yoga is a type of yoga that was created in southern India, which used the concept of a Thottil which is essentially a cloth hammock that is used for babies as it has the safe and comfortable sensation of being in the womb. 

The Thottil has been used for many years in Hindu mythology as a way of worship. 

More recently a formal practice was created which combined traditional yoga poses and dance moves that could be carried out whilst in the Hammock. 

Seventh Sense offers Aerial yoga in Exeter (details below)

Benefits of Aerial yoga

  • You will develop strength in your upper body and core.
  • You will be able to stretch deeply as you will have the support of the hammock to guide you.
  • You will be working multiple areas of the body at once because the weight is distributed to multiple working points whilst in the hammock. 
  • Your overall balance will improve as you start to gain more strength. 
  • It will reinforce proper body alignment
  • There are many postures and movements in different areas of the body that you will be able to do with the aid of your hammock – that would not be accessible in regular yoga lessons. 
  • It will also help your mental wellbeing as there are fun elements to aerial yoga where you may find yourself reconnecting with your inner child.
  •  Your confidence can be built up. 

All these benefits should be taken into consideration when you are thinking of starting aeriel yoga as it can provide you as an individual with holistic benefits for your overall wellbeing.

It will not only benefit you physically but also mentally and spiritually as well.

We offer Aeriel yoga classes and courses at Seventh Sense Healing in Exeter

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